Gerhard Jenne's Bittersweet Brownies with Cranberries
Amy Chaplin's Black Rice Breakfast Pudding with Coconut and Banana

Saturday Round-Up

In a little less than half an hour, my husband and I are leaving the apartment, taking the bus six stops and checking into this hotel for a much-needed one-night getaway. It feels totally indulgent and also totally fantastic and I am basically counting the seconds until we get there. (I think I should also be packing a bag right now?)

But before I go, a few things that I read and loved this week:

Shauna's post on a weekly cooking routine. SO GOOD. Do you guys do this?

How to sharpen a knife without a knife sharpener or steel. (!!)

Brilliant: A comic book Piglet review! One of my favorites ever and that's saying a lot because I basically love everything about the Piglet.

My favorite thing about this article on a recent uproar in Rome about school lunches is the last paragraph.

Ira Glass talks about his creative process. Interesting, funny and enlightening.

We are on a crazy roll with recipe testing for the book, but I'm starting to develop a serious aversion to sugar. Wholesome meals like this one, with buckwheat and roasted romanesco, sound even more appealing these days.

Finally, Max introduced me to The War on Drugs a few weeks ago and I've fallen hard for the music. It makes me want to get in a car and drive for days, preferably somewhere where the sky is always blue.
The whole album is amazing; here's just the first song:


Thanks for being patient while things got quiet around here this week. Next week: turmeric lemonade! Black bean soup! A report on our little adventure tonight!

Have a lovely weekend, you all.