Melissa Clark's Braised Beans with Bacon and Wine
Amelia Morris' Corn, Chile and Potato Soup

Delicious Friday Links



So! This week I delivered my first batch of recipes for the cookbook with head notes, a table of contents, and a handful of photos from my kitchen to the publisher. The rest are due in August, which seems like a lot of time on some days and absolutely no time at all on others. If you're following along on Instagram, you know that we are deep in a Russischer Zupfkuchen phase, a cake that I ignored my entire life until about a week ago and that now has me tightly in its grip. (It's a Quark cheesecake baked in a chocolate crust, dolloped with more pieces of chocolate dough. It has nothing to do with Russia, despite the name, and is totally addictive.) This weekend, Linzertorte and raisin buns are on the docket and next week, we're diving into a whole slew of recipes from southern Germany, including a leek tart, a savory potato cake-bread-hybrid thing, and an applesauce loaf that I am verrry excited about.

In other (thrilling) news, the electricians are done rewiring our apartment. On Monday, the painting begins. And, uh, on that very same Monday I have to choose the paint colors. Hold me?


The prettiest cream-of-wheat!

This list of cooking tips has some really smart stuff on it (via Tim).

Speaking of smart, do you roast vegetables on parchment? I think I need to change my game.

I've been craving hamburgers for weeks now and this put me over the edge.

Perfect February baking project: Homemade rye crispbread with poppy and sesame seeds.

Thanks to reader Leslie for alerting me to this smoky black bean stew. (!!!)

I loved this interview on blogging and life with Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge; so interesting and inspiring.

And, related, Grace and Julia's kitchen makeover - amazing what a few coats of paint and some shelves can do!

Ooh, I love a good Grub Street Diet and Christine Muhlke's totally delivers. (Actually, I'm in awe.) (And now off to order some Smoky Earl Grey.)

Have a wonderful weekend!