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My Next Book!


I have big, happy news today: I'm writing a cookbook! After I wrote My Berlin Kitchen and tested 42 recipes, I sort of swore, like almost blood oath, that I'd never write a cookbook, but then I birthed that sweet baby of mine and then a couple years passed and Ten Speed Press came a-calling and I found myself writing a proposal for them - because hello, of course - even though there was that almost-blood oath and then I started getting sort of excited about the proposal and then found I actually really wanted to write the cookbook and, phew, what a relief because Ten Speed up and bought the proposal and now it's official:

I'm writing a cookbook and I'm so excited about it, a book on German baking in all its glory, from yeasted cakes, whole-grain breads, fruit strudels, and dumplings to nut tortes, cakes, and savory pies, plus a whole chapter on Christmas baking that will be sure to send me straight into the nuthouse. There will be around 100 recipes and lots of photos and little stories and I hope (and pray) it will be both classic and comprehensive enough to find room on your shelves for years to come.

(The gorgeous braided Easter loaf that you see up there comes from a wonderful family-run bakery around the corner from my house that still makes many traditional German pastries, cakes and breads, sadly rare for Berlin.)