Cooking for Hugo: Healthy Muffins
Three Days in Rome

Bombino's Timiditine

I don't have a recipe for you today. I hope that's okay. The days pass by so quickly lately. Life is good and full, but nonetheless, or maybe precisely because of that, I've felt death lurking.

The other day, though - it was a Sunday, I know, because Max was home and playing music on the stereo - the three of us were spending time in the living room together when a song came on that propelled me to my feet. The music simply possessed me. I couldn't not move. As I twirled and swayed and danced, I closed my eyes, imagining myself in the desert of Mali with this song filling the black night. I imagined seeing a canopy of stars above me, a crowd of humanity beside me, joy in my heart. And when I opened my eyes to my life here again, I saw that Max had wordlessly taken Hugo up in his arms and they were dancing with me, the three of us moving together as the magical sounds of the music filled our apartment and made my heart so full that my cheeks were drenched when it was over.


It was just a funny little thing, but I'll never forget it. And when I went to find the translation of the lyrics to the song that so moved me (sung originally in the Tuareg language of Tamashek), this is what I found:

I am telling you, love
As it was
My darling, as it was

This time here
Love is everyone’s worry
From the bottom of their soul
Without knowing
What to do

Take good care, dearest readers. More soon. xo