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Summer Break

Summer Break

One little housekeeping note: for reasons too boring to get into (involving my truly pitiful computer skills), I deleted my old Wednesday Chef Facebook account a few weeks ago. There were several thousands of you who were following my updates there, though - I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Anyway, I now have a brand-new Facebook account for the site and if you'd like to come over and "like" it or "follow" it or whatever you want do with it, I'd be thrilled. My apologies, again.

Now to the matter at hand: It occurred to me at some point today, as I baked my husband a belated birthday cake in our scorching kitchen (this recipe, in a cake pan instead of a cupcake tin) and the whipped cream topping started sliding off the top of the cake in this heat, that it might be time for a little summer break. You know, turn off the computer, commune with people, take in the mountain air, swim in some lakes?

Luckily, the three of us are heading to Austria tomorrow for some time off in the countryside with our friends and their baby girl, a small stack of books (one can dream), and a to-do list that looks like this:

1. Sleep.
2. Recharge.
3. Sleep some more.
4. Watch Hugo and Emilie fall all over each other in their attempts at walking (babies!).
5. Sleep.

I can't wait. I'll see you back here in a few weeks. Stay cool!