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Cooking for Hugo: Pastina for Dinner

Friday Link Love

  Picstitch(9)It's been a little quiet here this week as I've adjusted back to daily life without my husband or my mother around or a huge garden for Hugo to get lost in. I keep staring at my very tan feet on the white tiled floors of my kitchen here and thinking they should still be sunk into the soft Adriatic sand. Yep, both Max and I could have used a little more time down south, but I'm hoping to be back in the swing of things next week.

In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you know that as of Monday, Google Reader's service will cease to exist, so if that's how you read this site, it's time to move to another reader! Feedly and bloglovin' will migrate your links directly from Google Reader easily. You can also subscribe to the site by email (see the last item in my navigation bar up there) so that posts are mailed to you. Or click on the RSS Feed for other options.


The delightful Fany Gerson talks about her doughnut shop Dough. Just try to watch this without craving a doughnut (or three) by the end.

Whatever you do, don't call this black bean purée hummus.

An update on rebuilding Chez Panisse after the fire.

Have you ever roasted bulgur for your tabbouleh?

Loved this grilled vegetable manifesto.

Swift and splendid apricot jam.

Not only does this easy Taiwanese meal look delectable, but she cooks eggplant in her rice cooker! Mind, blown.

And finally, since I'm feeling a little homesick for Italy, this lovely post.

Have a great weekend!