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Friday Link Love

Earlier this week, I had a totally glamorous day. A makeup artist came to my apartment, set up shop in the kitchen and made me look all dewy-cheeked and beachy-waved and well-rested before we sped across town to do a photo shoot for an article that will be appearing in the August issue of a German women's magazine called Emotion. Ooh, it was fun!

Since then I've been bogged down in a million other things: freelance work, decisions on the paperback cover for my book, finding a babysitter for Hugo, preparing for a super-secret, super-scary thing I'm doing tonight (it involves cooking and cameras, as in, video cameras, eep) and not getting enough sleep, but every now and then I stop and think about that blissful, self-indulgent afternoon and I feel all zen again.


These animal-cake videos are so totally charming. (Maybe for Hugo's 2nd birthday?)

How to make caramelized onions in bulk to use all week long.

Don't you love peering into other people's kitchens? (Via Abbey.)

For the love of potato pie.

Making the case for flour tortillas.

Buckwheat shortcakes with roasted rhubarb sound wonderful.

A nice little piece on Yotam Ottolenghi.

And finally, have you ever heard of Cooking with Dog? It's just so...weird and cute at the same time!

Have a great weekend, friends.