Cooking for Hugo: A French Food Education
Nigel Slater's Pork Meatballs in Broth

Friday Link Love

This week started out so well! I distinctly remember feeling all aglow on Monday evening. Hugo and I had had the loveliest day. Nothing special happened, but everything just flowed and felt good and right. But, sadly, as the week progressed, things went sharply downhill, ending today in what might have possibly been one of the lowest points of mothering Hugo since the very beginning. Sob. My only hope is that tomorrow will (must) be better. (A propos: For the German-speakers among you who have small children driving you crazy, I guarantee this video will make you cry.)

As for the Whole30, in case anyone is wondering how it's going, I'm on day 18 and I'm ready for it to be over. My headaches and fogginess ended abruptly around day 9 and I feel pretty good. But my insomnia shows absolutely no signs of abating and the monotony of all the meat and fish is getting to me. I miss my grains and beans and yogurt. Still, I'm going to stick with it, if only to prove to myself that I'm capable of being consistent with something for 30 days (my friends who cut out things for Lent every year have a harder job!). I'll keep you posted.


Small-batch pulled pork, finally!

I loved reading about this obsessive tinkering with a classic French chocolate loaf cake.

The funniest video on children's first tastes of "strange" food.

Zoe Nathan's walnut-jam scones look like they redefine the term.

Well, this is terrifying.

Craving all three of these hot-weather drinks.

These pork meatballs in broth are pure comfort.

Talk about a picky eater... Ha!

Have you ever grilled your PB & J?

And, finally, if I ever get around to making my own corn tortillas...there shall be Chicken Salad Tostadas.

Have a good weekend, folks!