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Friday Link Love


We've had a run of gorgeous days here - the lilac bushes are heavy with blossoms, the night air is gentle and warm. My father is in town all week and Hugo's been having the time of his life with Grandpa - every day they head to the zoo, the park or the playground. When they come home, Hugo has dirt caked under his fingernails and the happiest, sweetest smile on his little face. Last weekend, while my father babysat, Max and I were even able to get dressed up, fancy shoes (for me) and everything, and go out to dinner by ourselves. Heaven! Heaven was also getting to celebrate my first Mother's Day at an Arab brunch with my boys, Hugo digging everything from fried zucchini to roast chicken to lamb meatballs to smoky eggplant salad.

I'm in the final days of the Whole30 now and am sort of amazed at how I barely even notice what I'm "missing out" on anymore. It's all become sort of second-nature, though I definitely couldn't live like this long-term. I'll have more to say on the whole thing next week when it's over, but it's been a really great challenge. I dare say I've even enjoyed it (mostly). Also: sweet potato fries! So, so, so delicious, especially when made with this.


A delicious idea for using up leftover roast potatoes (third recipe down).

Zachary Maxwell is fighting for better public school lunch in New York City.

Plain and simple Madeira cake (check out the loveliness of the rest of the blog too, which celebrates English food).

A "foreign man" bought 60 jars of Christine Ferber jam in Alsace the other day, hee.

Baja fish tacos, plus photos of the beautiful region.

A brilliant solution to a grocery store's surplus food.

Jennifer discovered that cornbread made with Maseca instead of cornmeal is cake-like and tender.

Loved reading this thoughtful interview with Suzanne Goin.

And finally, squid stuffed with beans! Go, Nigel, go.

Have a lovely, lilac-scented weekend, everyone.