Melissa Clark's Chicken Curry with Sweet Potatoes
Strolling the Barnes Farmer's Market

Friday Link Love


Pardon the delay, dear readers, of my Friday link love, but I couldn't bring myself to post a thing yesterday, not with my heart in my throat at the thought of what was happening in Watertown, just a few minutes down the highway from my father's house. It was all way too close to home yesterday. Way too close to home.

This morning, I'm so proud of the city of Boston, not just the incredible police work that was done, but the courage of regular Bostonians to get through what must have been an absolutely terrifying day. I so fervently hope that Monday's injured make a swift and triumphant recovery now. Oh man, people's bravery just flays my heart open. I can't stop thinking about this guy in particular. (To help the man he saved, who does not have health insurance, donate here: Bucks for Bauman. To donate to the Boston Police Foundation, click here. The Richard family needs help here. The injured MBTA officer's friends are raising money here. If you know of other victims who need help, please post them in the comments.)

I flew to London yesterday for a weekend with my three best friends. We'll be celebrating Teri's 40th birthday here and going to what is apparently "the best farmer's market in London!" and eating Indian takeaway if I have anything to say about anything and cuddling Betsy's newborn son and swanning around the Tate and swapping facial care tips (motherhood and age, man) and getting career advice and going shopping together and making life plans and, you know, all the good stuff we wait all year for. Most of all, blessing our lucky stars, too.


Reinventing the sandwich (with pickles and herbs!).

A really long, really good interview with Michael Pollan.

Deb finally cracks the Bienenstich code.

The New Yorker gave the audio edition of this book a great review.

Fuchsia Dunlop makes even simple meals sound irresistible.

And finally, a little interview I did on our Berlin neighborhood.

Have a good weekend, folks - be safe and hug your loved ones, over and over again.