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Cooking for the Whole30

Friday Link Love

Three days ago, I started the Whole30 nutritional reset (which - to my eyes, at least - just seems to be the fancy term for a diet, except in this case there's no calorie-counting or finding weird substitutes for things). For 30 days, there's no dairy, sugar, legumes and grains of any kind, alcohol, processed foods or, wait for it, white potatoes allowed on my plate. I can eat fish and meat, all the vegetables I want, plus fruit, nuts and seeds.

Now, I am generally not the audience for things like this, or for diets of any kind. But I've been struggling with terrible insomnia, some pesky joint pain and a few unwanted pounds for months now and when I read about the Whole30, I was instantly intrigued. People claim that it helped them sleep better, gave them more energy and cleared up joint pain. And, I don't know, I suddenly wanted in on the challenge. I could have never done this in the winter or while nursing or at any point before in my life - willpower is not my middle name - but right now I'm feeling pretty pumped about the whole thing. I'll write more about it next week.


Spring in a bowl.

Eating organic on food stamps.

Fennel seeds on egg salad sounds so good.

The story behind Sriracha hot sauce (it's a family company!).

I want to master this most basic Japanese recipe.

Brilliant ideas for food to pack when traveling.

And finally, this müsli/granola hybrid is right up my alley (via House to Haus).

Have a lovely weekend, folks!