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Friday Link Love

Today is a holiday here and the city is quiet, quiet, quiet and feels totally empty. We have a visitor from Puglia in town, so there were sweet olives and fresh braids of mozzarella for lunch and ciambelline di Pasqua coated in thick sugar icing for dessert. It's certainly the coldest Easter I can remember, but I think I've stopped caring about all the snow. Or maybe I'm just sick of complaining about it! Ha.

In other news, Hugo continues his nap strike and we are starting to come to our wit's end. Thank goodness for grandparents who will drop everything to babysit so that we can go out and have dinner and at least two whole drinks tonight (at this place, which, Berliners, is delicious).

Photos above from my Instagram account - a sunset that hints of good weather to come, roasted chicken breast for dinners to come, a teeny, tiny, pale green egg from Hugo's great-grandparents in Bavaria, and the little man himself, moments after feasting on my computer cable. (Best mom ever!)


I've never been big on sweet potato fries, but these (cornmeal-crusted!) look like they will change my mind.

The shortest documentary to be nominated for an Oscar is about...making guacamole? Sort of. (Via My Little Expat Kitchen)

You should know about this salad I made twice this past week. It's perfect.

This book sounds right up our collective alleys, no?

Soup inspiration (the third-to-last particularly).

Such beautiful photography on Happyolks.

I was just sent a copy of this stunning cookbook and have not closed the covers since.

Malted. Buttermilk. Biscuits. (Tim, you complete me.)

And updated to add: Rifka tells us how to make homemade masala dosas! I am so excited.

Have a great weekend, folks!