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When Russ Parsons refers to something as "little slices of heaven", you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll pay attention. But in this case, he wasn't talking about dessert, he was talking about these little three-minute videos that vegetable god Alain Passard started putting online. Because Russ doesn't speak French, he hit the Google Translate button for the site, which resulted in some pretty hilarious prose. Those translate-bots have quite a knack for inadvertent poetry.

To wit:

"The trick? With a knife, begin by cutting your two small endives in half and, using a mandolin, make thin slices of apple. The most? Your disks should be almost transparent Apple, you see through, they must make less than a millimeter. The gesture? Carefully lift and spread your carefully endive leaves to slide a slice of apple between each. Do not hesitate to play the disc diameters taking sizes. It must be aesthetic."

Ha! I was reading this out loud to my mother and had to stop because we were both laughing too hard. Something about my American accent made the whole thing even funnier.

Anyway, all silliness aside, the video for endive-declaring-his-love-for-apple is right here and if you can manage to watch it and then not put this dish on the menu for your next meal, you are made of stronger metal than I. (It's so delicious.)


This interview left me deeply perplexed. (Via Lottie & Doof)

The Turkish grocer near me was selling a whole pound of the most delicious, fudgy dates for just €2.99 - and now I'm thinking I have to make this cake.

The "ultimate salty breakfast", yow!

I can't believe this luscious-looking chicken has ketchup (my love!) in the sauce.

I have so much rye flour that needs to be used up, I'll be making these very soon.

Music to my ears!

This chocolate cake made only with buckwheat and almond flour looks so good.

Polenta al forno.

Have a lovely weekend, folks!