Cooking for Hugo: Culture Clash
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Friday Link Love

Instagram Weekly Pics

This week I bought myself striped (!) tulips, made an excursion to the other side of town (also known as Prenzlauer Berg), took 101 photos of Hugo sitting on his own without toppling over (double !!) and started my next home improvement project (but the shade of red is just a smidge too orange in real life - gah!) These are just a few photos from the past week on my Instagram feed - you can find me there at wednesdaychef or by clicking here.

Max came home today after having been away for almost two weeks and I honestly don't know who was the most excited, me, him or the baby (who now points and smiles whenever he sees a photo of his daddy). I'm looking forward to a weekend of cuddles with my two guys.


Homemade nutella, yow.

This London-based, European-wide-delivery foodie webshop is my dream come true.

Love the look of this winter green galette.

Kelsey is doing a giveaway of my book! For a chance to win, leave a comment on her interview with me before February 19th.

Dried plums (uh, prunes) in a Moroccan carrot salad? Yes, please.

The lovely Susan Spungen has a wonderful new website.

If my long romp in Seville oranges has you longing for your own orange project, check out these two posts on candied orange peel, thick, thin and unsugared.

And finally, to take you into the weekend feeling transported and slightly melancholy, this longish piece (with video and photos) on Lee Radziwill is just marvelous.

Have a good one!