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My Berlin Kitchen - Away We Go!

My Berlin Kitchen - Getting Fired Up!

Folks! If you pre-ordered your copy of My Berlin Kitchen on Amazon.com, it'll be released and sent out on Thursday. This Thursday! If you preferred to wait and give your hard-earned dollars to bricks-and-mortars bookstores, they'll be selling the book as of next Monday. That's 8 days from now! Haa-haa-hooo-heee!!

Now for a bit of shameless self-promotion:

O Magazine's October issue says My Berlin Kitchen is one of 10 Titles To Pick Up Now! It's also gotten wonderful mentions in Elle, Marie Claire, Culinate, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal and Booklist.

The first blogger reviews are coming in and they have me practically in tears. In a good way!

Food Loves Writing says: "I went into the book eager to hear how Luisa and her husband met, what made her move to Berlin, more details about her life in New York publishing. What I didn’t expect was to find so much that resonated with me, like the way she wrestled with decisions or the security that cooking could provide when she lacked it..."

Lit Laugh Love says: "I can guarantee every single one of you that this will be the most tattered book on my shelves as the years go on. This is a book I’m going to turn to—for strength, for memories, for someone to share heartache with, for recipes, for solace, and most importantly for the reminder that life goes on. We need to follow our guts. We need to 'be brave'."

BrodartVibe says: "Her journey finding herself within these separate lives is a great adventure with lots of great recipes along the way. This book in many ways reminded of the journey of Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love."

If you'd like more reader reviews, click on over to My Berlin Kitchen's page on Goodreads.

Also, the book's adapted first serial is running in this weekend's Wall Street Journal. Remember that disastrous cake I posted about a few years ago? The full story's in the book, but to tide you over until then and to whet your appetite for gooseberry cream cake, check out the article and recipe here.

Finally, a huge thank you, dearest readers, for your pre-orders and enthusiasm. I can't believe the book will be in stores and in your hands so soon. What a crazy, crazy ride this whole book-writing experience has been. (More on that soon, I promise!) I so, so hope you like it.