Catherine Newman's Donut Cake
Deborah Madison's Poppyseed Cake

Wednesday Morning Link Love


Two of my best friends were here this past weekend from New York and they've just left and I'm feeling bereft. They'd never been to Berlin before, so we spent the days zipping around the city and eating white asparagus. I'm not really that mobile anymore, so I had to keep taking breaks to keep my pelvis from breaking in half (that's kind of what it feels like when I walk, anyways), but I loved every minute.

This interview with Gabrielle Hamilton about the memoir-writing process is interesting to read, but the best thing is buried in the last sentence: She's writing a cookbook!

Max is the vinaigrette master in our house, never failing to make the most perfectly balanced dressing without a single measuring spoon (left to my own devices, I always, always overdo it on the vinegar), so I'm going to be pushing him to try this concoction as soon as possible.

This article on how plastic packing contaminates our food is unnerving, to say the least.

Did you know McCormick's "pure" vanilla extract contains...corn syrup? Depressing.

How to grow your own pea shoots (and then put them in your scrambled eggs).

If I start to write about what the books I read as a child meant to me, I get all weepy, I really do. My childhood books were everything to me, my whole world. Whenever I'm reminded of a particularly good one, the way I felt when I first discovered it comes flooding right back. I so hope our boy is a reader - I can't wait to rediscover those lost worlds with him. If you need inspiration for children's books, Jenny Rosenstrach and Andy Ward, the bloggers behind Dinner: A Love Story, have just written a book about 121 of the greatest kids' books of all time and are giving it away for free with an order of Jenny Rosenstrach's new book, Dinner: A Love Story. But you've got to hurry - this offer is only good until Thursday at midnight. More info here!