My Uncle Oreste
Bess Feigenbaum's Cabbage Soup



Hellooo! I'm still here, folks, just on the other side of the screen, in fact. But the thing is, I've been hiding. Shhhh.

You see, I'm in the home stretch, delivering my book in February (which apparently is four weeks from now? Stupid, silly, good-for-nothing calendar) and as a result I've been gripped with the craziest case of panic and terror and when that happens, I don't know what in the sam hell to write about besides feeling crazy and panicked. And that does not make for particularly gripping reading. So I've hiding from my clipped recipes and - gulp - from you, too. I'm sorry. It's true. It's been for the best, really, but still. I'm sorry.

But it's December 31st and tomorrow it will be 2012 and I couldn't let the year change without a little wave and a hello!, even if my hair is matted and my eyebrows are unkempt and none of my clothes fit and I have a slightly wild-eyed look about me. (Newsflash to aspiring writers everywhere: Writing is bad for your appearance. And your general well-being!)

2011 has been such a good year, what with our wedding and our honeymoon and all manner of other wonderful things. Also, we ate so well:

This pink salad.

A kamut pound cake.

Homemade bagels.

Roasted-carrot and lentil soup.

I learned to love mayonnaise.

And the best banana cake.

But what dawned on me the other day is that even with all that wonderfulness making 2011 a year I'll never forget, 2012 is going to be even better. I mean, holy cats, people. It's going to be nuts. And that makes me feel pretty darn lucky.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's celebration, with plenty of dry, fizzy, cold Champagne. Here's to a wonderful 2012 for all of us.