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Friday Link Love


It's a very long weekend here, what with Good Friday and Easter Monday, and the weather is promising to be duly wonderful. Max moves to a small town in western Germany next week for a new job, so this is my last week of waking up next to him every morning and going to sleep next to him every night, of having my constant companion to eat lunch with every day. To distract ourselves, we're going to this tulip show tomorrow to snap photos of all the crazy blooms and we're going to sit outside at a biergarten near our apartment in the evenings and toast to new beginnings.


Jeana's new blog on Korean cooking has me inspired. My favorite quote so far: "Don't use cayenne or western chilli powder. It will taste confusing."

"It was delicious while it lasted." Jay McInerney on Ferran AdriĆ .

Oh, to be a Californian with easy access to fresh backyard kumquats. Oh, then to make Kumquat Earl Grey marmalade.

Adam yells at his friend Patty, but it's all in the service of his readers. I, for one, am grateful, because now I know how to make a French 75.

Easy shrimp tostadas, be still my beating heart.

Molly likens tofu to foie gras, then follows up by posting her favorite way of eating it, braised with ground pork. It is on her Must-Eat Top Ten list and now it's at the top of my Must-Try, Like, Right Now list.

Have you ever heard of putting bread crumbs on ice cream? (Via home*economics.)

And finally, I guarantee that this reel of Martha Stewart bloopers will make you laugh out loud (via Kim Severson).

Have a lovely weekend, friends.