Alice Medrich's Kamut Pound Cake
Stephen Williams's Salsify in Black Forest Ham

Friday Link Love


Oof, what a week. Mostly I'd just like to crawl into bed and stay there until Monday, burying my nose in a good book. Instead, I'm going to be on the hunt for the last of the winter's salsify, which I'll tell you about early next week. Holy cow, people, I have fallen for it in a big way.

We also just got our wedding invitations, so I'm bracing myself for a few days of hand-lettering envelopes, and we have to finalize our registry tomorrow at a department store where they still write out the list by hand and then take photographs of all the items we'd like in the in-house studio before putting everything online. Quaint? Insane? Discuss.

Also, if you had to pick one thing to put on your registry, what would it be?


Have you ever heard of an upside-down cheesecake? With rhubarb compote and a crumbled gingersnap topping, no less.

Jane Lear's ode to her favorite Le Creuset pot (that also includes links to her favorite whisks and steamers) comes just at the right time.

Mark Bittman brings potted shrimp (don't you want to just want to cuddle that recipe title?) into the 21st century with pimentón and garlic. I need to throw a party!

Canal House Cooking's sixth volume, all about cooking from the grocery store, is ready for pre-order. Have a look here.

xo breakfast, a sweet little blog all about breakfast, tells us how to make Jim Lahey's Pizza Bianca without a pizza stone, with some seriously irresistible photos.

Molly gave me a jar of these hot pickled peppers in oil for Christmas and I'm now rationing them out in order to make them last longer. (In other words, I am currently hiding them in the fridge to keep a certain someone from gobbling them all up. Shh.) They are a revelation.

Speaking of which, have you heard about Molly and Brandon's new venture, The Pantry at Delancey? Classes on meat-curing and misunderstood vegetables, private dinners, a kid's cooking camp plus frozen pizza and cookie dough to bake at home - Oh, to be a Seattle-ite!

A massive Bay Area bake sale, with proceeds going to the Japanese relief effort, will be taking place on April 2; here's hoping it spreads across the country.

And, to completely change the subject, in my next life I'd like to come back as a florist. Sarah Ryhanen is my idol.

Stay safe, lovelies, and have a good one.