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Soup, Mushrooms, and Puerto Rico

I am running running running out the door right now, because oh me oh my I have a flight to catch, a little flight, comparatively speaking, but still a flight, down to Ponce, Puerto Rico where my family friends from Berlin are picking me up while the moon is still out and driving me up to their house in the jungle and I can't wait wait wait, it's been 29 years since the last time I was there and I have to see if things are as I remember them, the watering hole and the chair made of rope and the sunlight filtering down through the leaves, glinting like the flanks of a dappled foal.

If it's cold where you are, then make this, this deeply satisfying, rust-colored soup that was meant to last us all week and that we scooped up in two days flat instead.


If it's warm where you are, then check out my post on Jeremiah Tower's fresh, herbal mushroom salad over at The Mushroom Channel.

Have a lovely couple of days, everyone. I'll see you next week.