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Chocolate for Everyone!

Sometime yesterday evening, I might have already been asleep, I decided with a start to take the plunge. Post every day? I've done it before, kids, I can do it again. Sure, I almost lost my mind at the end of that month, but so what?  Everyone could use a little kick in the pants now and then, or at least this person could. (Besides, it will take my mind off the looming tower of planning a wedding - I could use the distraction.) So! Brace yourselves for 30 days of frantic posting. Let's hope it's not entirely torturous for you or for me.

To ease our way into it, don't you think some chocolate might help?


To be more specific, dried mangoes covered in dark chocolate and dusted with sweet curry powder? Oh, you have no idea. It sounds odd, right? One of those ideas that might have sounded neat in a lab, but in real life ends up tasting mostly like old socks and stale cocoa from a tin? Well, let me tell you right now that I may have just single-handedly solved the age-old Christmas dilemma: buy a box of these treats for every single person on your gift list and you can rest easy until next year. That's how good these are.

The mangoes are tart and chewy, the chocolate is deep and dark and melts unctuously in your mouth, and the curry - the curry! - well, it elevates the pedestrian concept of covering something, anything, in dark chocolate to an addictive, exotic, must-have snack. I don't know who thinks of flavor pairings like this, but that person deserves every penny of her salary (or his!), even in an economic implosion. It sounds weird, but trust me, it's delicious. I'd even venture that it's better than salted caramel. What?! I know. Crazy.


Vosges sent over a lovely collection of chocolates the other day, including smoked almonds covered in milk chocolate and gray salt, a bar of dark chocolate with Reishi mushrooms and walnuts (not at all as weird as it sounds, though the texture wasn't entirely to my liking), and a milk chocolate bar that has complexity and character and is deeply delicious. And even still, the chocolate-and-curry mangoes are the only thing I'm hoarding. Well, maybe I'll let Ben have a piece. But that's it! The rest is all mine.

If you want to try these Mango Naga Bombalina (errr, yes) yourselves, or any of Vosges' other chocolates, the kind people at Vosges have told me that if you make a purchase on their website between November 1 and November 30 using the code 2810WB1, 10% will be taken off your purchase. Mango Naga for everyone!