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Things To Eat/Drink/Learn/Plant/Pick Before I Go

On our flight back from Israel, I started thinking about keeping a list of life goals. You know, drive the Ring Road, take a tango class in Buenos Aires, learn Arabic, that kind of thing. Then I saw Maggie's lists and thought it might be nice to share mine with you. So I narrowed my list to just the food-related (loosely, at least) things.

1. Make cheese from scratch.
2. Get a little more educated about wine.
3. Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to find taco stands like this woman.
4. Eat plum dumplings in Vienna.
5. Make my own sourdough.
6. Take a week-long cooking class in Vietnam.
7. Master boning and carving a chicken.
8. Taste raw milk.
9. Have dinner at Chez Panisse.
10. Shop at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market every week for a year.
11. Plant, tend, and eat from a garden.
12. Pick wild blueberries.
13. Cook every recipe in Sunday Suppers at Lucques.
14. Eat a home-cooked meal in Morocco.
15. Go to Darjeeling during the tea harvest.
16. Learn to gather honey with beekeepers.
17. Harvest the olives on my family's land in Italy.
18. Run a lunch catering operation out of my kitchen.
19. Write a cookbook.
20. Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
21. Give my children, when I have them, taste memories that will remind them of me when I'm gone.
22. Eat the roast chicken bread salad at Zuni Cafe.
23. Work on a farm for a summer.
24. Host a holiday meal for my family.
25. Take a jam class with June Taylor.

It's neat to read over them and think about which ones will be easy to cross off and which ones won't. Maybe I'll do an update on this a year from now and see how far I got.

Now it's your turn. Share a goal or two in the comments, won't you?