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Weds Chef in the House


Yes, it's true, dear readers. I was on The Martha Stewart Show, along with Sarah and Sebastian, Deb, and these charming folks. It was a surreal experience, as you might well imagine, but a lovely one, too. And even though Martha thinks my blog is called Weds Chef (as might many of her viewers now, too, due to a teleprompting snafu), I was so glad to be there.

Notes from The Show:

-During one of the commercial breaks, one of the crew members goes around answering a popular question from the audience: naming the paint colors of the walls and trim of the studio (Benjamin Moore something-or-other).

-I have to get myself to Macy's - stat - to get a bowl or two from Martha's new line. Maybe a cake stand, too. They're all gorgeous.

-On and off camera, Martha is sharp and funny. Very smart (as if anyone still thinks otherwise). And wearing killer shoes.