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Abuela Margarita's Flan

All My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go


Well. So. Hmm.

I was going to tell you all about a peppery pineapple chutney that Florence Fabricant wrote about a few years ago that I made earlier this week as an homage to the deliciously fresh pineapple salsas we ate in Bermuda, but it turns out that'll have to wait.

I've got a plane to catch!

Ben's sister is getting married in Mataelpino this weekend and after we sing and dance at her wedding, we're off to spend a week with my family. A week seems pitifully short. I don't exactly know just how I'll get back on that airplane at the end of the week, but what's the point of thinking about that now? I've got to shine my dancing shoes, prepare to eat my weight in sun-ripened tomatoes, dream about naps on the beach, and look forward to holding my family so tight that my arms hurt.

(Of course, this is the week that I want to cook every single thing published in the Dining section. I mean, tuna meatballs? Seriously, even with all the good stuff awaiting me, I am dying to make those now. If I was the kind of person who had time on her hands, I would've made those last night and thus had a delightful little meal to eat on the airplane tonight instead of the abomination I'm sure we'll be served. But, you know, if I was the kind of person with time on her hands, I would also be posting more than once a week at this point, but I think I've beaten that horse to death lately, so here's me letting that go. I Am Letting It Go.)

(Though after reading the mango article over here, I suppose I should be grateful that it was published just as I'm leaving town, because now the urge to buy a case of Indian mangoes despite their exorbitant price tag is almost as strong as the urge to see my mother again. Well, I exaggerate a bit. Not much, though.)