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The Mighty Robot Coupe

I'd like you to meet my very first food processor!

The last time Ben and I visited his mother in the Hudson River Valley, I saw this forlorn machine sitting in her garage, cobwebby and neglected. Ben's mother had a Cuisinart that she used in her kitchen, but this older workhorse was just gathering dust. The motor was in good shape, but it lacked the metal blade (it had several discs for grating and shredding). Robot Coupe was the manufacturer of the first Cuisinarts, and is apparently the most-used food processor in restaurant and professional kitchens.

By the end of the weekend, Ben was toting the heavy box back into the city, and I was brainstorming about where to get a new blade. Days later on Ebay, serendipity brought me to a seller trying to get rid of his broken Robot Coupe that came with a metal blade, a dough blade and a shredder disc. As luck would have it, I won the auction. Now I am ready to process and pulse! I can't wait to make pie crusts and carrot salads and pizza dough and chopped nuts and cookie dough. Thank you, Lynn!