Pierre Reboul's Concord Grape Clafoutis
Nigella Lawson's Beet and Ginger Soup

Kale and Potato Spanish Tortilla

You might have noticed that I never post about recipes from Epicurious. It's not because I don't like their recipes, but rather it's because the reader reviews do the job I've taken on for myself with the newspaper recipes. It's a very useful place to find recipes and food information, though I have sometimes tired of the Bon Appetit-Gourmet aesthetic (oh, Lordy). When I went to my CSA last night (only 2 more weeks left, sob, before the barren earth stops sending us vegetables), it seemed like divine food intervention when a recipe for kale and potato tortilla that I'd been hoarding for some time was reprinted on the newsletter we get from the farmers each week.

Off to home I trotted, with my sack of roots and tubers, to prepare my dinner. The recipe calls for what seems like an ungodly amount of olive oil. Partially out of pigheadedness and frugality, and partially because I am down to the last dregs of my oil supply, I only used a fraction of what was called for (incidentally, I finished my stash of garlic oil). The tortilla turned out just fine, but a bit dry. So, use all the oil and don't be a health pedant like I was trying to be. Also, I only had 5 eggs and not 7, so you'll see that my tortilla differs from the original shot. Still, it tasted delicious and was pretty easy to prepare. I had two wedges for dinner with a few silken leaves of prosciutto alongside it, but I could see the tortilla cut into smaller wedges still and served as an appetizer, with white wine, at a party.