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The Kindness of Strangers

Way back in the beginning days of this blog, I mentioned in a post off-handedly that my hand-held mixer was stuck at the highest stage, making whipping egg whites and creaming butter exercises in frustration and rendering my kitchen bespattered every time I had to use it, which was often. Little did I know that an attentive reader would read this aside and decide to help me out.

Cath, at A Blithe Palate, is in possession of several mixers, both hand-held and standing (and if you have to ask if this isn't overkill, you obviously know nothing about kitchen appliance obsession. Or how important it is to have his-and-hers mixers. Because it is! Very important.) Cath decided that instead of letting one of her mixers languish unused in a drawer somewhere, she'd send it off to me.

I can't really put into words how this makes me feel. I'm obviously grateful, but it's not just about a total stranger sending me a gift for no good reason except for her own kind-hearted sweetness. I've also made my very first Internet friend. So, "stranger" doesn't really feel right anymore.  Cath, my dear, thanks a million!